• Privacy

    Privacy on the Internet and in real life is still important. Many companies are tracking people, though. That's why I don't have a Facebook. They take all your pictures, posts and then give general info to companies for the ads you see in your feed.

    Google also "violates" the privacy. They scan your search, calendar, email, Google Now queries, etc... Even Apple does it with iCloud (somewhat) and now Siri for 2 years. It's not harmful as long as it stays anonymous (like when apps want to know your OS so they know which old ones to drop support for).

    But it can also be misused, such as with CISPA and educational centers. My school recently initiated a firewall to keep people from using "bandwidth-intensive" sites like YouTube, Pandora, Spotify (but for some reason, not the iTunes Store areas).

    The school is using 802.11a/g routers (yes, they are that old and there are both models) and they're not upgrading them until summer (which I personally see as a mistake, but that's another story entirely). But, as I learned, through an anonymous (on the web from you) teacher of mine, when you login to access site for "educational purposes" they track you using your ID.

    That means they see your Netflix, Twitter (and other social networking sites, which aren't blocked), and YouTube habits. That is not right. And I can't even anonymize it, as even when you log in, they block all the VPNs I have (Cloak, Hotspot Shield, and 1 other).

    Why are they interested in our habits? I don't know why, but I'll try to find out a way to be anonymous browsing. If you know a good VPN service (preferably free), tweet me @matthewmspace. Thanks and have a nice day.