My History With Phones

    Alright, I might as well put this here for future use for anyone who asks me about what phones I've used in the past!

    First phone - A Nokia Phone. I don't remember what it was exactly, but it looked pretty much exactly like this. I got it in 2006 I think, while Cingular was still a separate company from AT&T.

    Second Phone - A Motorola Razr. Ah the Razr. Such a classic phone. I got it in 2008, so it had to be the V3. But that phone was awesome.

    Almost my Third Phone - The Samsung Propel Pro. I got it in 2010. I hated this thing. This is the only phone I've ever returned. It was just so bad. I just hated the small-ass screen and tiny buttons that were confusing as to how they worked. And since iPhones became mainstream, I wanted a touchscreen phone. So I returned this one, once again on AT&T.

    My Third Phone - The LG Xenon GR500. This phone was the bomb. It was so amazing, against the other phone that I returned. The slider keyboard was amazing for texting and the screen and camera were top-notch at the time. I didn't have a data plan, but when I sometimes stumbled onto the Internet by accident the browser was great. I even could put videos onto a microSD card (after converting them to .mpg3) and watch them whenever I wanted to. That was my last dumb phone though.

    My Fourth Phone - The iPhone 3GS. I got this phone in August 2011. I was getting tired of watching everyone at school get smartphones. I had gotten a 4th gen iPod Touch in December 2010 and had essentially converted it to my phone via Pinger (or Textfree as it was called then). I just wanted to carry one device instead of two. Finally, my mom's friend had just updated from the 3GS to the 4 (yeah, literally two months before the 4S) and gave it to me for free. I had to retrain all my relatives to send me calls and texts to my normal number again, but it worked. I then got my first data plan. Oh man, the web browser, apps, and access to everything on one device was fantastic. Of course, it was 8 GB so I still had to have my iPod with me.

    My Fifth Phone - The iPhone 4S. This was my first true smartphone. I paid for half of this (parents paid for other half). I waited up until the midnight pre-orders to get one. I would have gone to the store to wait in line, but my parents wouldn't let me. When it finally arrived, I immediately activated it and used Siri (like the millions of other people). It blew my mind, how much faster it was than the 3GS. That phone was great and it was the first one I could really call my own.

    My Sixth Phone - The Google Play Edition HTC One (M7). I got this in July 2013. Being an Apple fan, this came out of left field a bit. But I was getting tired of iOS and really just wanted LTE. When this phone came out, the Nexus 5 was barely a rumor. So it was either this or the GPE S4. That was $50 more, and made out of plastic. So I spent nearly all my money on this and enjoyed it very much. Android was just so much more powerful than iOS in some ways like with Quick Reply texting from the Play Store and other things. But I eventually got sick of the stuttering in the browser and the crappier apps. But I wasn't going to sign another contract with AT&T, so I was temporarily stuck. But I did get a Pebble Smartwatch towards the end of owning this and it is awesome.

    My Seventh Phone - The iPhone 5s. This is my current phone right now, and will be until the next iPhone. I got this by pure luck. 9to5Mac had a giveaway going on and I just decided to enter it as a throwaway. I mean what are the odds that I was going to win a 64 GB Gold Unlocked 5s? Apparently they were very good, since that's what I got. I kept it as a secret from my family since they would think it was a scam. My mom thought I had bought yet another phone, but I showed her I didn't and my entire family was astounded really. Everyone at school was amazed too. This is a great phone, with Touch ID and iOS 7 (currently, at least, and jailbroken). And it works so much better with the Pebble than with the One.

    So that's currently my history with phones. Interesting, right? I wonder what I'll get next...