My 2013 Year In Review

    Well, since everyone is doing this, I might as well. I shall start off at the beginning, in January. I might leave out some stuff, but everything I talked about online will probably be here.

    So, January, huh? Well, I'd say it was pretty uneventful. I went to school, tweeted, and published YouTube videos. The most eventful thing that probably happened to me was Macworld 2013. The final year of it being in January.

    It was my second time going to Macworld and was just s much fun as the first. I saw John Gruber there and a few other people as well, such as Rene Ritchie from iMore. I have pictures from the event on this website actually. So that's January.

    February saw the release of the long-awaited jailbreak for iOS 6. A lot of good stuff came out of that, such as Auxo ($2 in Cydia), TetherMe for tethering (AT&T's plan that I'm on doesn't allow me to tether), and so on. I may have been using a 4S at the time, but the experience was good.

    At the end of February, I joined (or ADN, as it's commonly referred to). It's a nice and always growing community of individuals. You may wipe it off as just a Twitter clone, but I can assure you that it is not just a clone.

    For example, there are a lot of people that are ADN-exclusive. They're only there and not on Twitter. There are no ads and no spammers. Or annoying celebrities who just tweet nonsense.

    There are also common virtual get-togethers, such as "Theme Monday" and "Monday Night Dance Party". Overall, ADN feels like a tighter community, probably in part due to its smaller size. But if you haven't checked it out, I'd be glad to recommend some people for you to talk to.

    March? Well, not much except for my birthday. But that was at the end of the month. Other than that, there wasn't much then. Probably just more jailbreak stuff and rumors of WWDC 2013.

    April was another month with not that much stuff. I don't think anything really happened. But there were more rumors of WWDC 2013 and E3 2013.

    May was a different story. The rumors for iOS 7 and OS X 10.9 were flying around like crazy. Google also had their I/O conference in May. I didn't go, but I did watch some stuff closely. They only announced a Google Play Edition Galaxy S4 at first, but an HTC One variant followed a few weeks later.

    June was wild. iOS 7 and Mavericks were released in beta forms. iOS 7 beta 1 crashed a ton. But, it was a beta. Hopefully iOS 8 will be better in beta, on r, my 5s. I also ordered my Google Play Edition HTC One and waited for it to arrive.

    I also found, by luck, someone with Google Glass. If you want to read that story, it's on here as well. Google Glass is a very interesting product, and since I tried it on, it has only gotten more powerful. I am eager to see what Google does with it in 2014. I shall be getting a pair, most likely.

    Also in June, I got a writing job at It's a fun little outlet and lets me write about interesting Android news and share it. I got the job by pure luck, with just tweeting something like "Who's looking for a tech writer?" as a joke.

    I had no idea I would actually get a job because of it.

    July was a big month. I got my Google Play Edition HTC One and switched to Android for nearly 5 months. It was interesting, being on Android for awhile. It's similar to iOS, but is very unique as it lets me pretty much do whatever I want to it.

    I can do quick reply and because it was an off-contract phone (to AT&T), I was able to use tethering no problem. Quick reply is genius. However, the ecosystem is not as developed. I use iCloud for syncing data, so I had to copy everything to Gmail. It took awhile to find an app for iCloud email as well. But I'm glad to be back on iOS.

    I also went on vacation to New York and Boston at the end of July and the beginning of August. If you've seen my Foursquare posts, you know that. It was my first time going to Boston and it is a cool city. Check it out if you get the chance.

    In August, there were tons of 5s and 5c rumors. Unfortunately, every single thing was leaked, so there weren't many surprises. The biggest surprise was probably the fingerprint scanner being ready.

    Let's just jump into September. So school started for me a week before the month started, and it's still as boring as ever. I've learned nothing new that interests me. And the Wi-Fi, which they said they would upgrade, is still the same crap it's always been.

    But the 5s, 5c, and iOS 7 were all released in September. While the 5c wasn't doing well at first, a lot of kids at school seem to have one. I wonder if now there will be more 5s or 5c, since Christmas just passed.

    There were also iPad and Mac rumors in September, to be confirmed in October. Let's just jump into that month as well. So I finally got a new computer in October. I was using a Late 2008 Aluminum MacBook with an upgraded amount of RAM and hard drive.

    That machine took forever to do anything. Now I have a 13" Retina MacBook Pro, with specs as follows:

    2.4GHz dual-core Haswell Intel Core i5
    8GB 1600MHz memory
    256GB PCIe-based flash storage

    It's great. It can do everything I want it to do with no lag. Unless I'm on a crappy Internet connection. But I digress. It's a great machine and will serve me for years to come. Also, I totally got AppleCare for it.

    I also won an iPhone 5s from 9to5Mac ( That was awesome and unexpected. I never win that stuff, especially something worth that much ($1000+ after AppleCare and tax).

    The 64 GB iPhone 5s Gold and Unlocked is a killer phone. It is the phone to beat. I never told my parents I won the 5s, svn though I told everyone at school, because they would've though it was a scam.

    Let's jump into November. So I got my 5s at the tail end (and during Hanukkah actually, which is sweet) of the month. My family was shocked. They thought I bought it, but I don't have enough to get it off-contract.

    Being back on iOS is great. No stupid random glitches, everything just works, there's no crashes for anything, and my signal strength stays consistent in the same place, instead of fluctuating. And now my phone supports all of the bands on T-Mobile, instead of just the refarmed spectrum.

    If you have read my "Carriers In The US" blog post, you know what I'm talking about for T-Mobile. For additional details, see this Keynote presentation: It's a duplicate of my original presentation, so if you change something, I can change it back.

    Finally, I got a Pebble smart watch in November. It's a great wearable device. It fits in perfectly for what I need it to do. Tell me what I'm missing when I'm somewhere and can't look at my phone, or if I'm in another room.

    It's especially useful in the car, as I can control the music from my phone without looking at either device. I now know exactly where the four buttons are and can use them without looking at the watch.

    When I hear a song come from either Spotify or the music app that I don't want to listen to, I can just push the button while continuing to focus on the road. It's a great device and I'm eager to see what the 2.0 software will bring to it next year.

    December 2013 was cool. Not much happened once again. At the end of the month, the untethered iOS 7 jailbreak came out. But there was a ton of drama and caused some people to leave jailbreaking.

    That's really a shame, as it seemed we were finally heading to our roots of no piracy. But alas, TaiG was included in the Chinese iOS 7 jailbreak, which had pirated apps (including pod2g's own podDJ app). But enough with the drama problems.

    Mobile Substrate was updated on December 31st for the 5s. Now I'll be able to use the cool upcoming 5s tweaks, including one that's already been demoed. It's a tweak that lets you protect individual apps with your fingerprint. That's cool. And now I have Quick Reply and tethering again.

    2014 should be an interesting year. My senior year of high school is nearly halfway over at this point. I'll then be heading to college. That'll be a good change, I hope. But that's in September for college, so that's far away.

    I wonder what Apple has planned for 2014. Tim Cook has repeatedly said that they are coming out with something new and I'm looking forward to that. I'm also looking forward to possibly getting Google Glass after it becomes much cheaper (sub-$600 or so).

    So that's pretty much my year in review. How was your 2013? Good luck, and here's to 2014!