Just a Quick Wifi Story

    I just felt like sharing a quick (and in my opinion) cool story about knowing more about tech than the IT person at your school.

    So when I was in 7th grade, the middle school I was at decided instead of just fixing the wifi for everyone to make a new one exclusive to the teachers that was super fast and kept us on the slow, old wifi.

    I was really getting along with my Spanish teacher at the time and helped her a lot with her computer (an iBook G4, seriously) by running software updates and putting it on Leopard. Eventually, I got the password to the Keychain (I still have no clue how).

    So after a few weeks of updates, I checked to see if her iBook had the password to the network. It did. And it was a 28-spaced alphanumeric password.

    Complicated as hell. For the record, I still have it (for some reason): 0x26B71C4BFF119A6E17BAD7C26F. See, complicated.

    So I copied the password and emailed it to myself. After enjoying the fast wifi for a few weeks, I decided to share the password with everybody.

    As it started spreading around school, both wifi networks started to average out across both of them. It was going pretty well. We were all on even ground. It must've drove the school district nuts, though.

    But, as I think I may have predicted at the time, everyone got onto the formerly teacher only wifi. So I left that and went back to the old one. Super fast wifi got even faster as more and more people left to the new one.

    After a few weeks of probably internal school frustration (I have no clue what or if they thought anything of it), they shut down the new network and returned it to being one network for all, to be shared.

    I lost my wifi, but I proved a point: Don't take advantage of us being teenagers and stick us with crappy wifi. We're all in this together, so don't think you deserve better wifi.

    Thankfully, that never happened again. It's not happening in my current school either. I think they learned their lesson of not to underestimate us. I wonder if they know who cracked their "unbreakable" wifi. Well, it was me.

    So that's my now shared story for today. I hope you enjoy it. So what do you think of me doing that? Was it good? Just reply to the post I sent on ADN or Twitter, depending on where you came from.