iOS 7 Predictions

    It may be early in the year for predictions, but why not?

    Software: So while iOS 5 was a major upgrade, iOS 6 (in the minds of many) was lackluster with not many new features and (buggy) maps. iOS 7 needs to be interesting since even my friends at school say it's boring compared to Windows Phone and Android a bit (with new features all the time). Apple needs to recapture people's attention with iOS 7. Even some apple loyalists are threatening to move to Windows Phone or Ubuntu as those are ripe for innovation and market share, if Microsoft and Canonical could pull it off. They both need developers, and if they get iOS converts, they could become more mainstream and popular. iOS will mostly likely have some Siri stuff and maybe a redesigned app switcher. But hopefully it has a theme manager, and mostly unlikely ever, a Gatekeeper-like switch. Hopefully @pod2g's #wewantanopenios tweets come true, even that is 95% unlikely.

    Hardware: iOS 6 had a few surprises in terms of hardware support. It dropped support for the original iPad, yet kept support for the 3GS. The iPad just didn't have enough RAM to handle it on that kind of screen size. iOS 7 will probably officially discontinue the 3GS and the rest of the A4 devices (the iPod touch 4G and the iPhone 4), too. Unfortunately, that'd mean the end of tethered jailbreaks unless bootrom exploits are found for the A5(x) and A6(x) devices. That's probably why the iOS 6 untether is being held off, but that's another post. So there're my predictions for now. Thanks for reading.