Google Glass

    A few weeks ago I made a post about wearable tech. And today I posted the photo you see above. I shall now answer all your questions.

    No, they weren't mine. My brother was umpiring for a little league game and noticed them and in between innings, he texted me about them. I drive there (at the legal speed limit) and went to the field he was at. I said hi to him and then stood and watched the game for 20 minutes trying to think of something to say and finally said, "Excuse me, but what are those?"

    He then said they were Google Glass and I asked if I could wear them and the guy said yes. So I put them on and asked for a google search of tigers, which it thought I said congress (it was mildly windy). Then he said take a photo while it was pointed at him because that was easy to do.

    It was running low on power, plus the wind because it wasn't understanding me well. The guy stepped closer with the Nexus 4 and said it worked better with the phone closer (the N4 is beautiful in person, BTW). Then I asked for the weather, and it gave it to me just like on the video. It was so cool.

    I think Google's got a winner on their hands with this one. Everyone around the guy, even the coaches of the teams were interested. If Google can polish it very well before it comes out and give it a price of $500 or less, it'll really work. This demo I got to experience by pure chance allowed me to finally see and use it for about 10 minutes. Hopefully it's released by the end of the year. I'll totally buy it.