Funny Experience At The Apple Store

    Decided to put it on my personal blog so that it's easy to come back to. Let's get started shall we?

    I can't remember if I was helping a computer client or not, but I think I was. So I was wearing a T-Shirt with a shade of blue extremely similar to the ones the Apple employees wear. Far away, you probably found it hard to spot the difference, but up close, you could.

    So I was just waiting with my client, helping them buy something. I checked for some Apple rumors on the new iPads (they weren't out yet) on the iMacs to see what was new, if anything. Then some random person (a woman probably over 50) walked over and must have thought I was an employee.

    As soon as they shirt did not have the Apple, they quickly apologized for their mistake. But I offered to help them anyway (wouldn't you?). They wanted to know if they could connect their iPad to their Wifi and how. I told them and they thanked me.

    So that's pretty much my strange experience at my local Apple Store. Has this happened to you? If so, or if you want to just say something on the subject, just contact me on either my Twitter or accounts, which are both @matthewmspace. Thanks for reading!