E3 2013 Predictions

    With all the E3 rumors going on, I thought I'd share my predictions on what I think we'll see in June.

    Nintendo: Nintendo had a video conference yesterday, so they've basically exposed everything they're talking about. Mario Kart U, 3D Mario U, Zelda U, and the next Smash Bros for the 3DS and Wii U. There may be a few surprises, but this is pretty much it for them.

    Microsoft: This year is a big one for Microsoft. The 360 has been performing well, but it's over 7 years old. I say new console (Xbox 720 or something like that) along with a Kinect 2 and a new core (probably NT-based, like Windows/Phone 8). There'll probably be lots of games for it. And hopefully they make Xbox Live free, but not counting on it. They'll probably have a separate event for it before E3, then major stuff in June.

    Sony: PS3 is good, but it's also over 6 years old. I say PS4 at a special event soon and it'll probably be the same, just under the hood major stuff. It'll probably be 4K if hooked up with a special TV and it'll probably keep the controller. PSN will continue to be free. I dunno much about the exterior, but it'll probably have a Kinect-like object, since the motion controller for the PS3 is a Wii ripoff.

    E3 starts June 11th-the 13th.