Devices Without Cameras

    I'll come out and say it right now, the 16 GB iPod Touch is an odd duck. It's got no loop (which no one really uses anyway, let's be honest) and no camera. I remember Apple making a big deal out of those features last fall when they released the 5th gen in the first place. But the 4th gen was odd, too. It had only half the RAM the iPhone 4 did, but also had an A4. Back in 2010, it was great, and I actually got one in December of that year. The camera was alright in great lighting and terrible in dark lighting. It was an "HD" 720P camera with a 0.7 MP regular shooter. It basically was crap. As time wore on, Apple neglected it and it sat dormant until last week when it was discontinued. As iOS 5 and 6 came out, the 4th Gen got slower and slower with its lack of RAM. People were surprised last year when it got iOS 6, while the original iPad did not, even though they had the same RAM and chip and that the 3GS got iOS 6. All people who have it at school and outside of it complained a lot about it. It was time for it to go. But no camera is a strange, yet effective cost-saving threat. It made the device a lot beautiful looking, since the camera pokes out the back on the higher models. But Apple discontinuing the 4th gen probably has another meeting of them cutting it off from iOS 7 at WWDC. If they cut that off, they'll probably cut the 3GS off totally so that all devices they sell have 512 MB of RAM or higher. (See an upcoming WWDC post for more thoughts from me.)