Buying and Selling to Ring In The New Year

    Well, 2013 has gone on for a bit over a week. Mine's been going good. How have yours been? Tweet @matthewmspace for that. There's still no comments section here. Anyways, moving on.

    So I'm planning on selling and buying a few gadgets this year. I actually just sold my DSi yesterday for $45 to some guy on Craigslist. Went really well. I'm also selling my 64 GB 4th Gen iPod Touch (blobs back to 4.2.1). Since I have my 4S, my iPod feels really sluggish with its A4 chip and 0.7 megapixel camera. I'd like to buy the 5th gen, so I'm selling it on eBay for $225-$250. If you're interested, tweet me. I'm currently trying to buy old-bootrom iPhone 3GS's since there's still no jailbreak. If you have one, let me know. I'm also trying to get a Lumia 920. If you have one of those and are willing to sell it for $250 (must be 32GB black model), let me know. Finally, my contract is up in May, so I'll be buying the iPhone 5S when it comes out. Thanks for reading!


    So I just bought a $165 tripod on eBay for $20: You simply can't pass the deal up. I recommend getting it. It will probably make my videos (video production and YouTube) better in the long run, which is good.